How to lose weight fast without dieting? Without Medicines?

how to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast, without medicines and surgeries, without a diet plan and without a dietition help? Here are simple but important steps to include in one’s dietary and daily schedule.


How to lose weight fast
Diseases caused by obesity

Obesity is the mother of all the diseases. Obese patients, apart from getting all the nasty diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancers, joint diseases, heart diseases, and strokes, also have a low self-esteem and psychological problems.

Excessive weight can limit an individuals mobility and the vicious cycle of weight gain begins. Weight gain leads to a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain.

“Rest and Digest” vs “Fight, fright, and flight”

how to lose weight fast
sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

Another most important factor in obesity is the role of hormones. Most patients without an active life are in the parasympathetic control. Rest and Digest. Contrary to that, the sympathetic stimulation activates your metabolism. Adrenaline is the main stress hormone. The fight, fright and flight response is activated when adrenaline is high.

Adrenaline is probably the most powerful hormone that can induce weight loss and reduce your appetite. You must have seen after a physical and especially an emotional trauma, your appetite goes down and so does the weight.

how to lose weight fast?

Another important aspect of losing weight, one should remember, that slow and steady wins the race. People starve themselves for a few months, lose weight and then boom. The initial weight loss is due to the water loss from the body. This is not a real weight loss.

People become excited about losing a few pounds of weight after starting a diet and exercise program. But the disappointment starts after a few weeks when you start burning your fats which is a tiring process.

A few key tips if you want to lose weight without knowing you are on a weight loss diet.

how to lose weight fast
avoid sugars
  1. Avoid plain sugars especially juices and drinks
  2. Eat more proteins
  3. Avoid extra meals
  4. Do some physical activity

One can not limit carbohydrates totally, however avoiding plain sugars and juices can be very helpful. Juices and plain carbs are easily and rapidly absorbed by the body. This leads to a rapid rise in blood sugars followed by a rise in insulin.

Insulin the main anabolic hormone responsible for weight gain. If you take fewer carbs or eat slowly, your blood sugars are not going to go up rapidly. This leads to less stimulation of the pancreas and less insulin is released. The chances of gaining weight are less.

Low-Carb Vegetables

how to lose weight fast
Low carb vegetables
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Swiss chard
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber

So tip # 1:

Avoid all bakery items and drinks. Eat a whole fruit but do not make juice or milkshake of it.

Eat more proteins. Protein intake does not stimulate insulin as carbohydrates do. Furthermore, protein intake leads to satiety, reducing appetite. In addition, one gram of fats contains 9 kcal while one gram of proteins contains only 4 kcal.

how to lose weight fast
Protein diet

Proteins are less likely to be stored in the body unless you are lifting weights and making your BICEPS strong. Furthermore, one can not eat vegetables and salads all the time. You can take them for a week or a month but you can not continue it for a longer time.

So proteins are the best alternative for people who want to lose weight. Eating a breakfast rich in proteins is recommended by most experts. Because proteins can reduce cravings and caloric intake, it is especially recommended to take a breakfast rich in proteins.

Now, totally avoiding carbs may lead some people to feel very strange. If you have ever had hypoglycemia (low sugars) and you feel hungry, you start to shiver, have cold sweats and you start having hunger cramps. This is called as “keto-flu” or “Low carb flu”.

how to lose weight fast?

This is because your body was used to metabolize carbohydrates all the time. The body needs adjustment to burn fats. This can be overcome by taking a little extra salt.

After the “keto-flu” period is over, your body feels more energetic and lighter than before. Your feel more energetic after the low-carb flu is over.

Low carb diet also has some important health benefits, other than losing weight.

how to lose weight fast

  1. Blood sugars improve
  2. Triglyceride levels go down
  3. HDL (high-density lipoproteins), also called as the good cholesterol goes up
  4. LDL (low-density lipoproteins), also called as the bad cholesterol goes down
  5. Blood pressure may improve.

Tip number 2:

Do not starve yourself, just change the composition of your diet. Take low carbs and more proteins.

Do not totally restrict fats, but minimize it. Take more steps or do a regular aerobic exercise. The best exercise for a healthy lifestyle and losing weight is to start jogging, running, cycling or swimming. Besides a regular exercise schedule, also follow these steps.

how to lose weight fast
Burn calories, not electricity
  1. Instead of an elevator, take stairs
  2. Drink water before a meal
  3. Before each meal, take low-calorie salads and vegetables.
  4. Eat whole foods and avoid processed foods
  5. Eat your food slowly. Slow eating leads to slow absorption and less glucose load. This, in turn, causes fewer levels of insulin to release. Hence, there is less weight gain.
  6. Instead of juices, take more coffee and tea, without sugar. Caffeinated drinks increase your body metabolism and lead to more energy expenditure.
  7. Reducing weight and to maintain less weight requires patience. In the first few weeks, you might lose weight rapidly. This is because of water loss from the body. After the first few weeks, when your body starts burning fats, weight loss may be very little. Test of your patience starts from here.

Personal advice of Dr. Masab Umair on weight loss? 

how to lose weight fast
Dr.Masab Umair – seeing is believing
  1. Totally abstain from raw sugars and bakery items.
  2. Take two or even more egg white in your breakfast. Stop taking bread or other cereals in your breakfast. Do not take egg yolk, instead give it to kids who need more steroids and calories.
  3. Do not totally avoid having lunch. Make a whole bowl of salads and add proteins in the form of boiled meat, chicken, beans and pulses to make it a little tasty. Eating salads all the time is a difficult task, add proteins to it to spice it up.
  4. Have a normal dinner as the other people at home but do not eat full stomach.
  5. Take green tea without sugars any time of the day.
  6. Last but not least, Do your duties honestly.

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