Young girl with febrile illness, pleural effusion, periorbital swelling


14 year old girl student referred from private clinical setup with H/O febrile illness for 01.5 months, Dry cough and SOB on exertion for 1.5 months, periorbital swelling for 2 weeks. Her history starts 1.5 month back with fever documented upto 101 degree farnheit, with no diurnal variation, relieved by antipyretics.

Fever is associated with dry cough and SOB on exertion for similar period. cough has no diurnal variation. It is asoociated with similar period with SOB with MRC scale of 2 with no orthopnea and PND.

She has developed painless swelling of eyes with reddish colour for 2 weeks.


Bilateral or






      • Bilirubin:
      • ALT:
      • ALP:

RFTS:    Normal

Serum electrolytes:

      • Na:
      • K:




Immunological and auto-immune workup:

ANA: negative

ANCA: negative

Anti GBM antibodies: negative



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