Healthy habits and practices – How to live a better life!

healthy habits

Healthy habits may be linked to a long lifespan. Some may talk about getting fewer diseases.

For others, healthy habits may be just the looks (fat, skinny, tanned, bald, etc).

Still, others may link “healthy habits” to being tall, with good muscles (for men), shiny and silky hair (for women especially), shiny teeth, a moist and fair skin (especially females).

However, healthy habits do not only are linked to a good physique but also the spiritual well being. Here are some of the points and strategies to acquire healthy habits.

A good nighttime sleep:

healthy habits

    • 7 to 9 hours of sleep – not less not more. Sleep is important for your brain and neurons to rest.
    • The brain also keeps all the days’ work and memories into different folders of your brain while you are sleeping.
    • Hormones like growth hormone and other healing factors are also released during sleeping hours.

sleep in the dark

  • To take a good nigh-time sleep, you need to make the environment for that. Your sleeping quarters should be dark, quiet and calm, your bed and pillow should be comfortable, and your mobile phone should be switched off.
  • Before going to sleep, you should do a little exercise, read a book or listen to some old slow music. Make sure, your bladder is empty too.

Have a regular schedule.

Wake up early in the morning and go out for a walk or exercise. Go to your workplace on time and leave on time. Go to bed early too. Follow nature – wake up with the sun, sleep with it. Take a midday nap to restore your energy.

Eat healthy food.

healthy food

Do not eat junks, bakery items, or excessive beverages. Fresh homemade juice may be preferred over ready-made beverages.

People prefer taking vitamins and supplements. I recommend against using these artificial things. If a person takes a healthy balanced diet, vitamins may not be necessary.

However, vegetarians may require vitamin B12 supplements, individuals with a medical condition may require some supplements like females with excessive menstrual blood loss may require iron, those with a diarrheal disease may require the deficient vitamins.

Taking multivitamins supplements for no reason may be harmful. Avoid eating in plastic containers and ready-made or frozen stuff.

Don’t visit quacks when sick!

Do not smoke, take drugs, or take excessive medicines for minor ailments. If you are sick, don’t visit quacks, visit the doctor you trust the most.

Don’t even look at the doctor’s degrees – most of them are fake or nothing of importance but just to get the attraction. If your doctor is writing too many medicines or multivitamins, get suspicious. Try to cut off your medical bills, take just the important medicines like medicines for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.

Fever does not mean antibiotics. Most of the time it’s a viral fever where you have just to be patient. Always vaccinate where necessary, since prevention is better than cure.

Take a break from everything.

healthy habits

Take a leave from your boss once a while and go for outings. Make new friends. Minimize your mobile usage. Watch a movie at least once a month. Listen to music and stop wasting your time watching news channels.

Don’t chase money:


Don’t chase money, follow your dreams and money will follow you. Love others and be loved. Money is necessary for a living. But never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!

Be religious and practice meditation.

Be religious and practice meditation. Be happy and grateful for what you have. Don’t be jealous. Help others especially the poor and needy. Give charity regularly. Stop worrying for minor mishaps or being late for your duty.

Exercise regularly:

Exercise regularly at least for 30 minutes a day. Most authorities recommend thirty minutes of aerobic exercise daily five days or 150 hours a week. Running, cycling, and swimming are the best exercises. Stop shaping your body for better looks. Try to be healthy.

In conclusion:

Acquire healthy habits for a healthy life. Good nighttime sleep, healthy food, regular exercise, and religious practices make some of the best healthy habits.

Would you add some healthy habits I missed? comment below!

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