About Us

About us

Fever.pk is a consolidated website sharing health related information. This is not just about fever rather it covers all aspects of health. The topics may vary from symptoms to diseases and drugs, diet, and latest news and updates. It also covers a doctors life and a specific portion of it is reserved for trainee doctors – the “students corner”. Difficult problems a doctor or an individual encounters may be shared and discussed in the discussion forum.

Fever.pk is your site. Anybody can share any health related information and will be posted by his/ her name as long as it is relevant. Most of the content so far is written by doctors of PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) hospital, Islamabad.

Why Fever.pk?

Since the advent of latest technology, improvements in diagnostics and newer treatment modalities, the concept of treating the labs rather than treating the patient is emerging. Physicians are focusing more on the investigations. To treat the patient, one should consider the patient’s queries and the psychosocial issues related to his illness and treatments. Thus fever.pk focuses primarily on symptomatology and diagnostics. We are not just posting news but verified health related information.

Hope you find the relevant information. Your comments, questions and criticism will be appreciated.

Dr. Ahmed Farhan

MBBS; FCPS Medicine

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad